Saving money and energy on Shabbos

08 Jul

Shabbos (shabbat) table at my house, a few min...

How can it be possible to save money on Shabbos when you aren’t allowed to spend any? Well, I was thinking that there are many things we do that are related to Shabbos that end up saving us money.

∞ Use timers. We use a timer on our crock pot, our living room lights, and fans and humidifiers in the boys’ bedrooms. This way these items are only on when we need them and save us on our electric bills. We would use timers on other lights in the house, but I was told by one of the bulb manufacturers that you cannot use certain timers on compact flourescent bulbs, which we have on many of our other lights. The timers will constantly leach energy and the bulbs will then burn out faster.

∞ Take the time to tear toilet paper rather than use tissues. Your pipes will thank you and so will your wallet.

∞ Eat your leftovers, even leftover cholent. We love to make a meal of leftovers or even enjoy them sometimes for lunch. Don’t let them go to waste.

∞ Make your own soda or seltzer. If you like having soda for Shabbos, why not make your own? Close friends of ours invested in a soda maker because they love seltzer. They say it works great and only costs a few bucks about twice a year to fill the tanks. There is the initial output, but it definitely equals a savings versus buying seltzer or soda every week. See my post on “SodaStream soda makers!” which we got several months after this post and love it!

∞ Make as much from scratch as you can (and have time for). Look at my blog postings on “Making your own challah” and “(More) Make your own…” for ideas of things you can make on your own and thus save money.

∞ Use real dishes. At least for the two main meals of Shabbos we use our real dishes. We often use disposables for Shalosh Suedos because I can’t bear to add more dishes to the huge pile in the kitchen at that point. This one definitely requires someone who is willing to wash dishes after Shabbos (thank you, sweet hubby). We use real dishes throughout the year and then bring out our disposables for Pesach. If you do use disposables, and want to buy them as cheaply as possible, see my post “The advantage of buying paper goods online.”

Enjoy your Shabbos and maybe you can try some of these ideas next week!


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2 responses to “Saving money and energy on Shabbos

  1. Leslie

    March 25, 2013 at 8:10 am

    I heartily agree with you on all points. I use timers for most of my lights including the ones that use the compact bulbs. I also used timers for my crockpot and for the electric plata/blech. The idea of letting it run especially on a warm summer day is unconscionable. I do have friends that turn off their hotwater heater at night so that it does not run but I just won’t do that. I like hot water in the morning. After I changed all my light bulbs to compact I noted my electric usage for a few months following the change. Since my lights are on timers it was easy to compare and my bill was much lower.

    • rmk104

      July 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm

      Glad to hear others are doing these things, too! I should check my past bills and see if it really made a difference! Thanks for reading!


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