Super list of Passover resources

(updated 3/18/21)

One of the first things I do when beginning my Passover/Pesach preparations is fix my current master checklist (see my post “It’s time to start thinking about Pesach” for tips on creating one and other Passover tips). I then print the current Passover guides from the top kashrut agencies, as well as other helpful articles. To save you time in finding each site, I have created a Super list of Passover Resources from all over the web!

Kashrus agency guides and articles:

crc kosher

CRC articles and 2021 Guide to Passovertheir guide is very helpful because it has a great chart (see page 63) showing what foods need a KLP hecture and what does not. It is great to take shopping with you!


OU Passover 2021 Guide

Videos on preparing for Pesach from the OU – especially good if you are making Pesach for the first time!

Various articles from the OU on Kosher for Passover


Star-K 2021 Passover Directory and other articles

koab logo

Kosher on a Budget’s comprehensive page of all her articles and resources (my favorite resource)

More articles, tips and recipes:

Do you have any favorite Passover resources? Please share so I can add them to my list!


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