Two ways to earn money from shopping on Amazon

In the past week, I stumbled upon two ways to actually earn money from all of my Amazon shopping! Between buying for school, Hebrew school, and home, we use Amazon a lot! Check out these two opportunities for earning money from all that shopping!

Amazon Cash

Amazon now has a new program that allows you to shop on Amazon using cash (instead of a debit card or credit card). If you try it out before 9/30/18, you can earn $10 back when you deposit $30. It is very simple to do and there are more than 30,000 stores where you can deposit cash into your Amazon account. Check out details here.

I first tried going to CVS to deposit my cash, but their scanner would not scan my phone barcode properly. If you choose to go there, you might want to print a copy of the barcode. I then went to 7-Eleven. They had no problem scanning my phone and I got an email within minutes saying that the deposit had been made to my Amazon account. My $10 credit also was applied as soon as I made a purchase shipped and sold from Amazon.

Harris Poll ShopTracker App

The ShopTracker App, which is sponsored by Harris Poll, will pay you $3 a month ($36 a year) just for sharing your Amazon purchase history with them. They do not receive any of your credit card or other private information. I signed up last night and already received my first $3 gift card. Thank you Frugal for Less for sharing details of this program.

It might not seem like much, but in just a few minutes you can earn an extra $46!

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