Summer Reading Programs 2019

We are still a few weeks away from summer officially starting for my family, but many of my friends who have kids in public school are already out for the summer. Summer reading programs have already started, so we are starting to log our reading, too! I love having a concrete way to encourage my... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading Programs 2018

Summer officially started for my kids a few weeks ago, but for me it finally starts tomorrow! This means I can start making plans for what my kids and I will do each day.  This usually means outings, camp, swimming, fun outside, special cool treats, and more. The challenge each year is to not spend a... Continue Reading →

Get ready for Summer

(updated 6/26/18) Many of the public schools in our area are ending this week or next. My own kids do not get out for another month, though. Despite when your kids get out of school, it is just the right time to prepare for summer. There are several things you can do to get ready... Continue Reading →

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