Scheduling visits and meals for others made easier!

One of the biggest timesavers for me when my dad was in the hospital was to create a CarePages website for him. I was able to post updates on how he was doing and then send them to anyone who wanted information. It was much easier than making a million phone calls a day, especially... Continue Reading →

Review: Click, Check, and Protect

THIS NEWSLETTER HAS BEEN CANCELED AS OF MAY 2, 2012. We always want our kids to be safe, not only at home, but outside of the home. For my current job, I give presentations on child abuse and internet safety, so I often find new tidbits on dangers to our children and how to keep them... Continue Reading →


(updated 3/17/17) I came across the website Jewish Life Organized after reading an article in one of the national Jewish magazines around Pesach time a few years ago. I am always trying to make my preparations for the holidays more organized and efficient. This site has all that and so much more! The author, Rivka Slatkin, is wonderful! She... Continue Reading →

Decoding kashrut

Keeping kosher is more than just learning the basics, buying kosher food, and not mixing meat and dairy. Just like learning Torah, it is something you must continue to keep up with. Here are some resources we have found helpful in our practice of kashrut: ∞ Weekly alerts – Unfortunately, no one is perfect and... Continue Reading →

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