Making the most of your AAA membership

(updated 2/28/17) Most of us belong to Sam’s or Costco for bulk savings and have a AAA membership for emergency auto assistance. Each membership level has a variety of services including towing benefits, rental car benefits, locksmith service, maps, travel planners, and travel guides. But did you know that that a AAA membership has more than... Continue Reading →

Is your CO detector really accurate?

A few years ago on the last day of a Yom Tov (Jewish holy day) our carbon monoxide detector went off. We opened all the windows until the detector stopped beeping. We then had to wait until after Yom Tov to call the fire department. The firefighters who came out could not figure out what had set it off... Continue Reading →

Review: Safe Mama

Want to know what baby wipes have the fewest chemicals? Need advice on choosing BPA-free products? This is the site to go to then! Safe Mama is an eco-conscious resource for mothers. It includes: - child safety and recall information - resources on links on a variety of topics - links to green stores Best... Continue Reading →

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