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(updated 4/7/17)

I used to think that we couldn’t afford to be a member to any local amusement sites because we didn’t go enough. Well, I was wrong! I did the math and it is well worth it! I am just going to take one local example. You may have to do your own calculations for sights in your town.

For the St. Louis Science Center, it costs $89 for a Family and Friends membership, which covers 6 people. The benefits include:

  • Free parking on every visit for one car ($10 – $12 per visit, depending on the season, without membership)
  • 10 tickets per year to the OMNIMAX Theater ($10 adults, $9 children, without membership)
  • 6 discounted tickets per visit to the OMNIMAX Theater ($7 per ticket)
  • 6 free Planetarium tickets (per visit) ($6 adults, $5 kids, without membership)
  • 6 free Discovery Room tickets (per visit) ($4 per personal without membership)
  • Benefits at more than 300 science museums worldwide
  • Free phone reservations
  • 10% discount in the ExploreStore
  • 10% discount at Starlite Plaza and The Loft
  • $25 off a Birthday Party package
  • Members-only film and exhibition preview events
  • Subscription to the Science Center magazine

So is getting a membership a good deal? Check out my calculations!

One adult and child going twice, each time visiting the Planetarium or the Omnimax = $54
– Omnimax tickets: 1 x ($10 adult + $9 child) = $19
– Planetarium admission: 1 x ($6 adult+ $5 child) = $11
– Parking = 2 x $12 (if peak season) = $24

The whole family (6 people) going twice and playing in the Discovery Room: $72
– Discovery Room admission: 6 x $4 x 2 = $48
– Parking: 2 x $12 (if peak season) = $24

With just four visits detailed above we would have spent $126. Our membership would cover all that and we would have saved $37, plus we would still have many benefits left, including parking passes for each visit, 6 Discovery Room and planetarium shows for each visit, 8 Omnimax tickets, and other discounts. The savings would only increase if you have older children or go to more shows in a trip. Plus, prices have gone up for tickets since the first version of this post. The membership went up only $4, so now the membership is an even better deal!

The St. Louis Science Center also offers sales on their memberships at different times of the year. Look for deals on their membership page.

Our zoo (St. Louis Zoo Memberships) is also a tremendous deal, too, but I think you get it! Check out the local sites in your area and see how you can save, too.

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