Spring fun with your family

(updated 4/6/17)

For most kids who go to Jewish schools, Pesach also means Spring Break. Depending on how many weekdays fall between the Yom Tov days, you could have a few or several outings with your kids! Or perhaps you are just looking for ideas for a weekend outing. Here are some ideas of how to make your plans:

* For those people who live in St. Louis, like me, I have included the links for the applicable St. Louis resources.

Places to look for ideas:

∞ Your local newspaper website (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Local attractions coupon website. (I am not sure if other towns have this, but Family Attractions Card and Saint Louis Town Planner provide great coupons for attractions in St. Louis.)

∞ Kids’ websites for your town. Do a Google search for your town name and “kids”. (We have two great ones: St. Louis Sprout & About and Kids Out and About.)

∞ Your local tourism website. They will often list upcoming events, favorite attractions and sporting events. (For St. Louis visit Explore St. Louis.)

∞ National fairs and festivals’ website. This Fairs and Festivals website lists events in various states.

∞ Sign up for a deal site. Be sure you select your city so you can receive local offers for amusements and other things to do.

* See my post Are “deal-a-day” sites a good deal?

∞ Your local kids’ magazine – These are often given out free at libraries and doctor’s office. Google your town name and “kids magazine” to see if your town has one. (St. Louis Parent and St. Louis Jewish Parents)

∞ Parks and Recreation for your county. The parks often host many special events such as art fairs, music events, and more. (St. Louis County Parks and Recreation)

For specific ideas of excursions, check out my page Family Fun Outside the Home.

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If I left out any ideas you love to do with your family, please email me or add them to the comments section!


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