The advantage of buying paper goods online

Assortment of disposable plastic cups

For the past several years I have ordered paper goods and aluminum pans for Pesach (and sometimes during the year if needed) from online retailers. I have saved hundreds of dollars over shopping locally. I have included a comparison of prices for, KitchenDance, Restockit,, Sam’s Club, Party City, Costco, and Target. I was unable to get many Costco prices because we are not members there and they did not have prices for many of these items online. If you want, you can add prices from other stores near to you. Then you will have a great tool for deciding where to purchase your paper goods for this holiday!

Passover Prices for Disposables 2012

* If you are here in St. Louis and want to participate in our group order, please download the order form and email it to me. If you live elsewhere, you can put together your own group order. Just change the contact info and you are set to go!

Passover Disposables 2012 Order Form

I have heard from several people that restaurant suppliers sometimes have good deals as well, but I was unable to add them to my list this time around. Some of these stores require you to be a business to shop there.

For other ways to save on Pesach supplies, see my post “Ways we save money on Pesach needs.”

Please share any ways you save on Pesach in the Comments section!


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    1. I have found Amazon and Sams Club to be the cheapest in recent years. I usually get plastic cups, half-size steam pans and silverware at Sam’s. The rest is cheapest on Amazon. If you go with paper versus plastic plates then lately Aldi is cheapest for the large plates.

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