Countdown to Purim 2018

I cannot believe that Purim is less than two weeks away! This month has a been a series of big events for me as a teacher and mom. I have been checking each event off my to do list – conferences, World’s Fair, and now report cards and Purim to prepare!

How are you doing on your list? There are always so many details related to getting ready for Purim – shaloch manos, costumes, my annual megillah reading blog post, seuda and more! Each year, I try to get ready a bit earlier, but somehow there are always things I am working on at the last-minute! Can you relate?

If you are still at the idea stage, I have plenty of past blog posts to help you. Click on the link below to see all of my Purim posts (which include ideas for shaloch manos, costumes, and getting organized).

Past Purim posts

Happy Purim Planning!

If you have any tips to share with other readers, please comment below!


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