Modest Swimsuits for frum women

(updated 3/28/17)

For several years since becoming frum (Orthodox Jewish), I had not really been swimming. I hadn’t quite figured out how to be tznius (modest) and swim. During one vacation to Florida when our oldest was about 2 1/2 , I wore a light skirt and long-sleeved cotton top with my sleeves pulled up. I was miserable! When he was older, I sat to the side watching him and my husband at swim lessons because I had nothing to wear to join him in the water. I have heard of friends who wear a swimsuit and a very long big T-shirt, but that is not comfortable and doesn’t really cover enough.

Thankfully, over the past several years, a crop of modest swimsuit companies have sprung up. However, if you do a Google search for modest swimsuits, you get not only the ones geared for Orthodox women, but also those for Christians and Muslims, which follow different standards and look a bit different.

So I thought it would be nice to provide a review and listing of the modest frum swimwear lines available today in the United States and a few from Israel. Many of these lines are also good for use for sports and exercise as well. Let me know if you are aware of any that I missed!

NOTE: Pictures are ABOVE the company they are sold by.

Kosher Casual:

This website offers a more limited selection of swimwear, but the prices are cheaper than some other sites. I have the swim skirt/leggings and a swim shirt from here and love them! (I do recommend pairing these pieces with a swim bra or tank, which is not included.) Their swim offerings can be found under their Women’s Workout Clothing subsection:

  • swim/sport leggings ($21)
  • swim/sport shirt ($26 – $29, offer elbow and 3/4 length)
  • running or swimming skirt with leggings ($48)
  • swim and sports bra ($25)

This company also offers a variety of other ladies’ modest clothing including skirts, tops, accessories, head coverings, maternity, undergarments, and dresses. They also offer girls’ clothing (see the Girls’ Modest Clothing section) and girls’ swim pieces ($23 – $43, in the Girls’ Workout Clothing subsection).

Aqua Modesta:

This classic swimwear company carries:

  • ladies’ dresses/cover-ups ($58 – $68) to wear with their 2-piece swim sets ($42)
  • ladies’ swim tops/rash guards ($50 – $52)
  • ladies’ swim skirts ($52)
  • ladies’ swim capris ($42)
  • ladies’ swim sports bras ($21)
  • 4-piece swim sets ($150 – $156, include a top, sports bra, and skirt with built-in leggings)
  • ladies’ skant (a skirt that functions like a pant, $65)
  • girls’ swimwear ($56 – $58)
  • beach bags, jewelry, and hair coverings ($18 – $21)

They offer a variety of sizes including maternity. Many of their items come in a variety of colors and patterns, too! Click on each item to see the choices.


This line is very sporty and has styles that range in coverage. Their pieces are geared for swimming and other sports. They carry:

  • shirts – sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved ($69 – $90)
  • sports bras ($29.50 – $42.50)
  • skorts (short length, $64 – $73)
  • skirts (above the knee and long lengths, $62 – $94; check each to see if they include leggings or swim shorts underneath)
  • swim dresses ($75 – $95)
  • shorts ($52 – 67)
  • pants ($54 – $79)

They also carry girls short and long sleeved swim sets ($78). They offer plus sizes, but no maternity.

MarSea Modest Swimwear:

This swimwear line offers many different separate swim pieces in a variety of colors and designs:

  • skorts ($68)
  • skirts ($40 – $54, available in three lengths)
  • shorts and leggings ($34 – $55, several lengths)
  • shirts ($50 – $75, sleeveless, short sleeved and 3/4 length; V-neck and rounded neck)
  • dresses ($92 – $99, available in short and tall)
  • swim sets ($85 – $130, items included vary by set)
  • sports bras ($32 – $65)
  • swim bandanas ($13 – $30)

They carry girls’ (dresses $55 – $70, sets $80 – $90, shorts $25), and plus sizes as well. In addition, they sell casualwear and accessories.

Sea Secret:

This line of modest swimwear has various swim components/options depending on your style choice. They include:

  • dresses ($39 – $119, some come with added components)
  • two-piece swim sets ($49 – $99, most include a top, skirt, tights and head covering)
  • additional bras ($29)

They also offer maternity styles ($79 – $89) and girls/juniors sizes ($29 – $69). You can even zoom in on the photos on their website!

Under Cover Waterwear:

This trendy company offers exercise and swimwear including the following ladies’ swim pieces:

  • swim shirts (3/4 length, $40 – $70)
  • swim skirts without leggings ($48 – $70, available in three different lengths)
  • swim skirts with leggings ($70)
  • swim leggings ($30 – $34)
  • swim dresses ($70 – $80)
  • girls’ swimwear ($42 – $70)
  • swim bras ($30, look in the UCfit section not under swimwear)

The swim skirts come in a lot of fun patterns even some that are sparkly and funky. As far as I could tell, there were no maternity sizes, but there are plus sizes. They also offer sports/workout clothing, swim hats, and swim shorts.

Modest clothing resources:


4 thoughts on “Modest Swimsuits for frum women

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  1. I love this swimwear. Not only because of religious applications, but Because I have scars on my body that I want to keep hidden. These are beautiful ways to do that. Thanks for showing that swimwear can be fun and fashionable after an accident or surgery.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been looking for fun, colorful styles for my tall 12 year old daughter, who’s frum and
    self conscious. Such a difficult age, i want her to be happy with her swimsuit.

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