Save $.30 per gallon of gas with Circle K

Up until recently, gas seemed like one thing I could not really save money on. There are apps out there where you can search for the cheapest gas around you, but I never seem to have time to check the app or drive to a station that may not be the closest!

However, about a month ago we received a postcard advertising a new savings offer from Circle K Gas. I thought it was a credit card offer and threw it away. A few days later a coworker asked me if I had gotten the card and heard that you could save $.30 on each gallon of gas for three months! Luckily, he told me you could get the information at the station and you did not need the postcard.

So in less than a month, we have saved $20 on gas!

Want to know how?

1) First, stop by your local Circle K Gas station and pick up an Easy Pay Debit card.

2) Register through the Circle K app or website. The card will then work in place of your regular debit card.

3) Take the card off the attached flier and use it right away! I signed up using my phone in the car right there in the gas station lot.

Right now, they have a promo where you can save $.30/gallon for the first three months. The website says $.20 for the first 30 days, but they have this better promo right now. Your receipt will show only a savings of $.06/gallon, but when it clears with your bank, it will come up as $.30/gallon savings! They will send you an email with the correct total and the extra $.24/gallon you saved beyond your pump discount. After the three months after enrollment, you will save $.06/gallon.

You also receive rewards points for every gas and merchandise purchase. 2000 points = $2 in rewards!

Such an easy way to save! Now I look forward to getting gas knowing I am saving so much money!

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