Gas prices got you pumped… down?

Stopping for gas is not a pleasurable experience these days. I groan when I see the price rapidly climbing when I have only gotten a small amount of gas. And if you have a larger family and need a larger vehicle, your price per fill-up is even higher.

So how do you save on gas? Are there really tips that make a difference? Does it really matter what time of day you buy gas or how much gas you have in the tank when you fill up?

First, you need to know the truths about saving on gas. Dispel the myths and urban legends by reading this article by

The real tips for saving money on gas are:
1) Drive more efficiently.
2) Keep your car in shape.
3) Plan and combine trips.
4) Choose a more efficient vehicle.

These tips are from the U.S. Department of Energy’s website on fuel economy. Check out which includes information on gas prices, gas mileage tips, buying an energy-efficient car, and a fuel cost calculator. In the gas prices section, you can also find websites that track gas prices in your local area. Many of these sites are sponsored by, and offer information on mobile apps and computer widgets to help you track and find good gas prices. Beware, though, the apps are not always accurate. Prices can change faster than the app may keep track of them.

On the question of whether it is worth it to chase down cheap gas prices, take a look at this article:


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