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My 20 favorite tips (that have saved us the most money!)

my logoI go through spurts of time where I am too busy to clip coupons or find new ways to save (and to blog!). However, there are some tried and true tips that have become part of our regular routines and daily life that help us save a lot of money!

Check out my favorites! How many do you do?

1) Keeping a price list – This is probably my favorite resource. I update it frequently and keep it in my purse to refer to when shopping. It helps me know when a price is right!

2) Rewards for shopping – With OfficeMax rewards we have saved hundreds of dollars! They have great clearance and sale items and coupons, too. It is one of my favorite stores!

3) My favorite find – swapping books – It used to be that you could make some money selling your used books on Amazon. One year I made a few hundred dollars selling old books. Now the market is saturated and books go for pennies. However, this site allows me to create a wish list of books I want and trade books I am done with. I have gotten many great books for my family and for teaching!

4) Preparing for gift giving = savings – My gift drawer has come in handy many times for birthday parties and teacher gifts! I always stock up on things when I spot a good deal.

5) Making your own challah – Since we got a bread machine this has gotten even easier. My husband also makes pizza crust and loaf bread in it. Between that and shopping at our local bread outlet, we spend so little on bread products!

6) Menu planning – We often get too busy to do this, but when we do, it helps so much! We make less trips to the store and eat better. Our family loves homemade meals better than pinch hit dinners like eggs and toast!

7) Brighter savings – I cannot remember the last time we had to buy light bulbs. Using fluorescent bulbs saves us a lot of money and we have to replace them so infrequently!

8) Staying on top of your kids’ clothing – We are so fortunate to have generous friends who give us their hand-me-down clothes when they are done with them. I love to go shopping in my basement for the next size clothes when my boys’ need it! I rarely have to buy things for them except for socks, underwear, and a few other items!

9) Become a member – Our zoo and science center memberships have more than paid off and give us other things to do at each place that we normally could not afford! I just wish they both weren’t up for renewal around the same time!

10) SodaStream soda makers! – I admit that I love soda, even though it is bad for me! However, SodaStream uses healthy artificial sweeteners and is much cheaper than canned and bottled sodas. It also makes a nice treat for Shabbos guests that we would normally not be able to afford!

11) The advantage of buying paper goods online – I try to limit our use of paper goods, but around the holidays (especially Pesach), they really come in handy. Buying them in the store (even Sam’s) can be so expensive. See my reasons for why shopping online is better!

12) Recycle your ink – earn money – OfficeMax offers $2 back now on each ink cartridge you recycle with them. It just gets added to your rewards. Simple way to earn a few bucks!

13) School Supply Shopping Strategy – With school supplies already out on the shelves, my shopping tips really help us spend very little on supplies each year. And with four kids, it can add up quickly!

14) Are “dollar stores” really a good deal? – I love Dollar Tree and frankly probably shop there too much! But, I find so many great deals there – teaching items, kitchen tools, containers, and more!

15) Why I love Target! – Target has so many ways for you to stack your savings – manufacturer’s coupons, Target printable coupons, Cartwheel mobile app, your Target Red Card, and gift card rewards. I always come out with a feeling of accomplishment and save at least $20 or more this way!

16) Printer ink can cost a fortune – I print a lot from home for teaching, so my tips for buying affordable ink are crucial! We also changed to a Brother printer, which has been much better than our HP printer.

17) Making the most of the whole bird My husband is a master at using as much of a chicken as possible. We let very little go to waste and end up with several meals from one chicken!

18) Follow-up on ditching cable – we love our Roku!This change has made the biggest difference in our monthly expenses. It was hard to do at first, but I cannot imagine going back and am so glad we are not wasting our money anymore!

19) Post-Christmas shopping successI love after-holiday sales. I can always find good deals on special treats, snacks, items for my gift drawer, and more. You don’t have to celebrate the holiday to save from the special seasonal items!

20) Saving on Black Friday without spending much money! I do not stand in line for hours, but I still save a ton each Black Friday. A little planning and knowing the right stores to go to make the difference!

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think of my favorite tips and other posts!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


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Shabbos Shortcuts

Shabbat Candles Deutsch: SchabbatkerzenThere are many times we are down to the wire in preparing for Shabbos. Here are a few tricks and tips that have served us well.

No time to cook a chicken dish?

Grill! My husband loves grilled chicken and if you are using an electric grill it cooks much faster than a regular recipe in the oven. For us, it frees up the oven so we can cook other things, which ultimately means Shabbos cooking in less time. Plus, in the summer, grilling means the house gets heated up less from cooking in the oven. 

Need a dessert in a hurry?

We love Rice Krispy Treats (click on the title for a kosher recipe from CookKosher). We can eat a pan in one Shabbos! Using store brand cereal and the marshmallow fluff, they are cheap, quick, and yummy!

Out of Shabbos candles?

Tea lights work well in a pinch. They won’t burn as long and certainly don’t look as nice. However, when we are out (or can’t afford a new box of candles), these work well. I set them right on top of my candlesticks.

Need an extra dish?

Pull one out of the freezer. If we can, when we make kugels, we make two and freeze one. The second gets made in a disposable aluminum pan, so it is easy to put in the freezer. Be sure to put it in a freezer bag, too, to avoid freezer burn and the foil coming off the top!

Another quick idea is to open a can or frozen package of vegetables. It may not be the fanciest side dish, but certainly for us and the kids, it works.

For more Shabbos tips, see my posts:

* Do you have other shortcuts or easy recipes you like to use when you are out of time getting ready for Shabbos? Please share them here!


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Recipe favorites: Crumb chicken

This is the recipe I referred to yesterday in my post “What do you do with all that bread?” It is great to use up bread crumbs, but it is also a great recipe for Shabbos. It works well for night meals and again for lunch, because it stays juicy when reheated on the blech.

The recipe is courtesy of Tziona Z. from the “Show Me Kosher” cookbook from Young Israel of St. Louis.


1 chicken, cut into eighths
Fat-free Italian dressing (or other Italian dressing)
½ c. corn flake crumbs
½ c. bread crumbs
½ c. instant Potato Buds

2 t. Seasoned salt
1/8 t. Red pepper
1 t. Basil
1 t. Oregano                      
½ t. Garlic
1 T. Paprika 

* Amounts for the spices are approximate – I like to see flecks of basil and oregano. The original recipe did not call for these additional spices, but for seasoned breadcrumbs. I never have those so I substituted these spices in varying amounts.


1. Marinate chicken in Italian dressing for at least 1 hour or up to overnight.

2. Combine cornflake crumbs, bread crumbs, potato buds, and spices.

3. Dip chicken into crumb mixture on both sides until thoroughly coated.

4. Place chicken on greased pan (parchment lined will produce a drier crispier final result) and bake at 350⁰F covered for 1 hour until chicken is tender.

5. Uncover and cook an additional 30 min. until chicken is crispy.

* The comments above are from my husband, since he is the one who does most of the cooking in our house!

Any versatile recipes you have for Shabbos? Post them in the comments section!


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