Coordinated costumes and shaloch manos 2019

I know we are all in Pesach-mode right now, but I wanted to share one last Purim post for this year. Some of my friends had some amazing Purim costumes that they coordinated with their shaloch manos! Their creative, thorough, and well-carried out ideas were fantastic!



  • Boys’ hats – Party City, added a white band
  • Black wigs and girls’ hats from Party City and Amazon
  • Clothes – most were Shabbos outfits
  • They added a belt to their youngest daughter’s dress to look like a 1920s style and bought suspenders for the boys.

Shaloch manos: sparkling grape juice or apple juice and a small bag of black and gold candies to imitate the colors of a 1920s speakeasy

Thanks Bella & Yoseph!




  • Seaweed – The ring of seaweed was made out of black art foam (cut in to about 12-15″ wide strips depending on which size child). They then hot-glued the two ends together to form an open ring.
  • Fish, vegetable pieces, and rice – thicker foam spray-painted in various colors
  • The vegetable fish and rice were all hot-glued onto a white circle of thin plastic-plastex waterproof wall panel. They cut small cuts around the entire circumference and then folded the edges down and then hot glued that entire flap inside the front of the ring of seaweed. The white plastic was hot-glued into the front part of the ring and we left the back open. They cut out arm, head, and body holes into the black foam so they could put the entire ring over their heads and wear it. Beware it could rip so be very gentle getting in and out.
  • Soy sauce packets – felt sewn in the shape of soy sauce packets and then they used a sharpie marker to copy the wording and design as best as they could
  • Ginger wasabi headbands – green and orange felt, shaped into ginger and wasabi flowers, glued onto plain white head
  • Sources for materials:
    • Art foam for seaweed and a thicker white (maybe upholstery foam) – rolls from JoAnn Fabrics
    • Black foam and headbands – Michaels
    • Plastex and spray paints – Home Depot

Shaloch manos: Homemade sushi

Thanks Talia & Chaim!




  • Girls’ dresses and baby’s outfit – from Amazon
  • Adult sweatshirts – made by a seamstress based on an idea they gave her

Shaloch manos: blue chocolate candies, gummy fish, cheese fish crackers, salt water taffy, and Shark box

Thanks Temima and Mordechai!




  • Green kids’ aprons from Amazon
  • Green adult aprons from Amazon
  • Black hats from Amazon
  • Starbucks Stickers from Ebay

Shaloch manos: Starbucks cups from Amazon, chocolate chip muffin, instant coffee packet, and peppermint sticks

Thanks Debbie and Marc!

Soyfers 1.JPG


Costumes: Sorry no details on this one.

Soyfers 2

Shaloch manos:

  • Earth – cocoa rice cereal and pudding
  • Air – popcorn
  • Water – bottled water
  • Fire – chile spiced dried mango
  • The fifth element – hamantashen

Thanks Anya and Igor!




  • Hats – Party City
  • Tails  black socks sewed together
  • Ribbon – Walmart
  • White shirts, black bottoms and black sweaters from own clothes

Photo Mar 21, 10 20 16 PM

Shaloch manos: chocolate animal graham crackers, cheese fish crackers, cotton candy

Thanks Vicki and Marc!

Hope you all have a wonderful Pesach!

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