Frum magazines to read now!

As you all know, I am a magazine junkie. We have many subscriptions and I love to tear out articles and recipes to save and refer to. One area I am lacking in magazines from is Jewish ones (Orthodox). I recently won a subscription to “Joy of Kosher” from Kosher on a Budget, but that is the first Jewish magazine I have subscribed to in a while.

I thought it might be nice to provide you with a list and links to various Orthodox Jewish magazines available (in the U.S.) right now. Click on the magazine’s name to be directed to their website.


Binah – a weekly magazine for Jewish women, It has great articles on parenting, holidays, recipes, household tips, inspiration, and more. They have a variety of payment plans available since this is a weekly.Binyan – a weekly youth magazine, published by Hamodia. It covers a variety of topics and includes features, fiction, serialized cartoons, a serialized novel, and more. (Thanks Mindy for this tip!)

Bitayavon – a bi-monthly magazine featuring gourmet kosher recipes, tips, and articles about the kosher lifestyle.

Jewish Action – a magazine published by the OU. This magazine covers news, holidays, kashrus, lifestyle, and more.

Joy of Kosher – a monthly cooking and lifestyle magazine (just celebrated its one-year anniversary). We just recently made some recipes out of a recent issue and loved them!

Kashrus Kurrents – a quarterly Kashrus publication from the Star-K. Great information on keeping kosher, product updates, halacha, and the business of kosher supervision. Not available by mail anymore. Some Jewish bookstores carry it, but it is FREE via download at this website.

Olomeinu – a monthly children’s magazine published by Torah Umesorah. It contains short stories, holiday information, biographies, fun pages, and a Hebrew section. Schools can order subscriptions to give to students. Families can request free digital subscription by emailing Back issues and highlights are also available to order. (Thanks Rivka for the tip!)

Yaldah – a quarterly international magazine for girls by girls. Emphasis on Jewish life, values, and creativity. (Thanks Angela for this tip!)

If you are aware of any other magazines, please let me know and I will add them to this list! Please note that some magazines that you may have heard of have since gone out of publication.


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  1. My son gets Binyan, a magazine with Jewish and world news written on a level for children and middle schoolers. I like to read it as well because the main news is presented in a well written clean and the articles are short and to the point.

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