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Back to blogging after much sadness

My dad, Elliot “Sonny” Landau

Thank you all for your patience these last few weeks as I have not been able to work on my blog. The last time I posted, my dad was in the hospital after a massive heart attack. Unfortunately, there was too much damage to the rest of his body even after open-heart surgery fixed his heart. He ultimately had too many days on the respirator, kidney failure, possible pneumonia, and liver failure. He passed away on Tuesday, July 3, 2012. I just got up from shiva yesterday morning and am trying to get back to my normal routines as best I can. And of course, that includes blogging, which I have really missed! Thank you to all of you who sent words of kindness and concern! May my future mitzvot and acts of kindness be in his merit.

Stay tuned for topics in the works:

  • July shopping tips
  • Preparing for death
  • School supply shopping
  • and more!
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