Review: ShopSmart magazine

(Updated 2/14/21)

ShopSmart Magazine ceased publication July 2020.

I am an avid reader of magazines. My love of magazines dates back to my preteen years when I was obsessed with tv, movies, and girl issues. Now I am a mom, wife, and teacher, and I look for magazines not only to entertain me, but to inform me. I love to cut out articles and save them for future reference.

One of my fairly new favorites is “ShopSmart” magazine. I discovered it at Home Depot. The magazine is a publication of Consumer Reports. However, instead of focusing on larger purchases, ShopSmart is for the everyday consumer. Being part of Consumer Reports they benefit from the extensive testing staff that rates and reviews products.

I like this magazine for its:
– shop smart tips
– product comparisons and reviews
– reviews and lists of various websites pertaining to many topics and products
– Q & A
– explanations of rating systems and labeling seals
– buying guides
– variety of other topics like food, medicine, cars, electronics, home, and yard
– lighter topics like home decor ideas, fashion reviews, beauty, and pets

Check it out yourself! The magazine is a little higher-priced than some others because they do not have any advertising. This way they ensure that their reviews are not biased. I like to buy the magazine each year from my son’s magazine fundraiser at school, so I get a magazine I love and I support the school. Other places to look for it are or


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