SodaStream soda makers!

19 Feb

SodaStream (Photo credit: ewen and donabel)

I admit it; I love soda. When I am stressed I crave two things – soda and chocolate. However, I realize that my waistline and budget are not thanking me for these two things. So a few months ago we bought a SodaStream soda maker. I got a particularly good deal with a $20 off coupon from Target, a $10 gift card from another Target promotion, and a $10 rebate from SodaStream, making my $80 SodaStream only $40!

My husband loves that we can make seltzer any time and I love that there are so many choices of sodas and that they use sucralose instead of some of the other harmful artificial sweeteners that are out there.

It is so nice to make soda whenever we want and to have it for guests on Shabbos. It is also great not to be creating so much waste!

I thought it would be helpful to provide a breakdown of prices of SodaStream products for those of you who may be considering buying one or who already have one.

The Starter Kits vary based on what model you get, so I did not include their prices here. See the SodaStream website for descriptions of all of the models. Be aware that the fancier models have a meter that measures your carbonator level. You may need to take the battery out to use this type on Shabbos. The website also has helpful information on stores that carry their products and details on how to get new carbonators.


Bed, Bath


Soda Stream online store

Soda flavors $4.99 (50 – 8 oz.) = $3.99 with 20% off coupon$6.99 for some = $5.59 with 20% coupon 5.99 = $5.69 with Red Card 5% discount $4.99 or $6.99 (depending on flavor)
Sparkling Naturals $9.99 (25 – 8 oz.) = $7.99 with 20% off coupon Does not carry $9.99
Flavor Essence (My Water) $9.99 (3 x 20 liters) = $7.99 with 20% off coupon 12.99 = $12.34 with Red Card 5% discount $9.99
2 black or pink bottles (1 L) $19.99 = $15.99 with 20% off coupon $24.99 = $23.74 with Red Card 5% discount $20 for 1 L, other sizes also available on their website
Carbonating Cylinder $14.99 for the 60 L size = $11.99 with 20% off coupon Does not carry $30 for one 130 L$30 for two 60 L

The bottom line: Bed, Bath, and Beyond is the best on prices. If you have their $5 off coupons, you can save even more, too.

However, the SodaStream website carries all the flavor choices, some of which I have never seen before in stores! They also carry different sizes of bottles, like a ½ L travel bottle, and the larger carbonators. You can also sign up for their email list to hear about special offers and news.

Happy Shopping! Add any comments on your experiences with the SodaStream below!


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2 responses to “SodaStream soda makers!

  1. m reiss

    February 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Are all the flavors kosher and if not are the kosher ones clearly labelled with the hashkacha? Thank you for this info; it’s probably such a huge saver over buying tons of seltzer!

    • rmk104

      February 19, 2012 at 8:32 pm

      That was the first question I had when I was looking into buying one. Yes, they all are OU and the seltzer itself is OUP. Here is the link with info. and kosher certificates: Thanks for reading and have a great Purim!


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