When did we repair that last?

One of my favorite self-help and motivational websites is Flylady. Flylady gives a lot of great advice for how to keep your home clean and organized and to keep on top of life’s tasks. She has many tips and control journals for managing daily, weekly, and monthly routines, no matter what type of family or job you have. One such idea is her Home Maintenance Control Journal.

Her journal contains many tips and seasonal checklists for knowing when things need to be done for your home, garden, and car. However, there was no part for recording the specifics of what you completed. I looked online and at bookstores to see if any others existed. I ended up buying one, but found that it was not exactly what I wanted. It had a lot of pages devoted to home décor and renovations, which was not what I was looking for. There was also no way to add pages if you moved homes or ran out of writing room in one section.

So I created my own companion piece to Flylady’s Home Maintenance Control Journal.
My supplement includes sections for:

– Important phone numbers
– History of our home
– House exterior: roof, gutter and downspouts, storm windows and doors, siding, and exterior trim
– Outdoor areas and structures: decks, patio, porch, driveway, fence
– Heating and Cooling system: air conditioner, furnace
– Appliances and Accessories: refrigerator, dishwashers, stove/oven, microwave oven, stand-up freezer, washing machine, clothes dryer, garage door opener, lawn mower
– Vehicles
– General repairs: Electricity, Plumbing, Structural, Cable/Internet

On each of these pages I have places to record general information, service numbers, and dates and descriptions of the repairs done. This record-keeping system has helped me to stay organized, keep on top of what needs to be done around our home, and give more specific information to repairmen. It also helps in cases where workers may not have done what they were supposed to and thus the company might have to pay for a second time coming out.

You can download my control journal here and adapt it for your needs! Home repair CJ

Here is also the file for a blank additional page that can be used for any section. Addl Home CJ page 


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  1. Another great blog – but I can’t get the link to work for your (supplemental) control journal. Can you double-check to make sure it is working? THX

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