Revamp and wear again!

(updated 4/22/17)

Don’t you hate when you have a favorite piece of clothing that gets worn out, doesn’t fit anymore, or gets a stain you can’t get out? There are ways to salvage that piece and still wear it. Why not take something old and make it new again? For example:

∞ Add a belt, scarf or piece of jewelry to hide a stain or imperfection on a shirt, dress, jacket or other item. You might also use that piece for layering instead of as a main item in your outfit.

∞ Convert your child’s too short or torn sweatpants into sweat shorts for bedtime.

∞ Stop your favorite skirt hem from fraying by adding a lace or fancy detail to the bottom edge.

∞ Add a decorative patch to fill in a knee hole in your child’s pants. You can sometimes put the patch inside the pants and it will be much less visible, but still cover the hole.

∞ For pant or skirt seams that are coming apart or a sweater seam that has developed a hole, a quick fix from a seamstress (or yourself) might be all the item needs to be as good as new.

∞ Take those jeans with a hole in the knee or are too tight in the leg and make them into jean shorts. You can also convert a pair of jeans into a skirt (if you can sew or have a good seamstress).

∞ Change that stained long coat into a waist length or fitted coat (again with sewing help).

These are just a few ideas. Check out the ideas below for revamping an old piece or repairing a damaged one. The first article contains tips that a seamstress or someone who knows how to sew can carry out. The second has clothing repair tips.

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