Review: Kosher on a Budget

A few weeks after I started my blog, a friend told me about At first I was afraid to look at the site, for fear that what I was doing was already being done. I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t and that I LOVE HER SITE!

Mara, the author of the blog, came to St. Louis this past Sunday and I was so excited to see her. She gave a great presentation, complete with tips for non-couponers and couponers. I got so much great advice and have been sharing my notes with others.

Please check out her website — it is amazing! Her tips have taken my savings to a whole new level and I haven’t even gotten to read all of her additional articles yet. Her main blog posts contain:
– timely tips on coupons
– sales on various websites and at brick and mortar stores
– special deals
– freebies
– holiday preparation and recipes
– and more.

She gathers information from a variety of sources. For example, I had never taken advantage of CVS or Walgreens deals before, thinking I wouldn’t save that much and their prices were too high on things that I normally just buy at Target. Boy was I wrong! She does the work for you, posting the good KOSHER deals for CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and Target each week. It saves me so much time instead of having to cull through each sales flier, my coupons, and my price list. I get such a rush when I come out of CVS and Walgreens with having spent so little and gotten so much!

She has great articles to give you the basics on coupons, budgeting, freebies, and so much more. She even has a recipe exchange and holiday prep information.

If you are new to her site, don’t worry about going back to all of her past posts. The information is so timely that it is best to start with a week or two of posts and then look at her articles under various headings.

Thanks, Mara, for such a great site! It was great to see you here in St. Louis!


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  1. Thank YOU Rachael! What a nice post. It was lovely to get to meet you, too – I think we’d be great buds if we lived a *little* bit closer!

    1. I agree! For now, I guess we will have to rely on email! By the way, I am offering a promo to my Facebook friends that if they sign up for my blog and yours, I will send them my current price list with over 200 products. I can’t wait to catch up on reading your site today. I am a bit behind! Hope you have a great day!

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