Finding a home for used stuffed animals

(updated 4/20/17)

Usually around Chanukah or Pesach/Passover, I realize that my boys have too many toys. With them getting new things for Chanukah and birthdays, I am also reminded to get rid of toys and games they have gotten too old for or rarely play with. The stuffed animal bin, especially, is always overflowing. The question always comes up, though, what do you do with used stuffed animals that your kids don’t want anymore?

SAFE, Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, will take them and donate them to kids in distress. What a great cause! Click on the name above for the link with more information. They have 15 chapters throughout the United States. If there is not one near you, you can mail your donations to a chapter.

Gleaning for the World also has programs to donate stuffed animals to families that are victims of disasters, as well as children internationally who are very poor, and may not even have their own toys, and may have experienced violence or abuse.

For more ideas on getting rid of items while thinking of others, check out my post Declutter responsibly.



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