Review: iGameMom

English: The iPad on a table in the Apple caseI just stumbled on this website the other day and was very impressed. I even recommended it to coworkers. This blog, iGameMom, offers parents (and teachers) tips on various educational apps for an iPad or similar device. The author not only reviews various apps, but also includes:

  • Tips for childproofing an iPad
  • Tips for cleaning an iPad screen
  • Summer app ideas
  • Giveaways
  • Freebie apps available

With the thousands plus apps out there, it is invaluable to find a place that guides you in the decision-making process. This website is well designed and her posts are well written. I subscribed and am looking forward to using her tips for my own children and my classroom (when I get back to teaching again).

NOTE: Some apps for iPad can also work on an iPod and similar devices. Check the terms and app details before purchasing to see if the app will work for your device.

For more great reviews of technology products, check out Shop Smart magazine. See my review of this great resource at “Review: Shop Smart magazine.”


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