Review: Click, Check, and Protect


We always want our kids to be safe, not only at home, but outside of the home. For my current job, I give presentations on child abuse and internet safety, so I often find new tidbits on dangers to our children and how to keep them safe.

Thank goodness there are lots of resources available. I wrote in my post “Product safety and information” about how to get information from the government (specifically, the CPSC) on product recalls and safety notices. Well, here is another resource from the reputable Consumer Reports. I read about this new service in “Shop Smart” magazine, which is published by Consumer Reports. Check out my post reviewing “Shop Smart” magazine here.

They have launched a health and safety alerts newsletter to protect kids and teens. Their goal is to highlight product and food recalls, provide information on safe Internet and mobile usage, and provide other information related to the safety of our children.

Click here to sign up and get more information. Even if you are not a parent, this newsletter can be helpful for caregivers, teachers, aunts and uncles, and more.


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