Food diary: Of course, there’s an app for that!

Ever since becoming a mom my weight hasn’t been the same. And especially since my triplets were born, I have not been the size I want to be. I can’t seem to lose the baby weight and am turning more and more to food to deal with stress. I had tried Weight Watchers last year, but cannot afford to go back on it now. So I have been looking for other options.

A coworker recommended an app that she uses on her Smartphone. Well, you have heard me mention before that I do not have a Smartphone. But I do have an iPod. So I downloaded her recommendation, MyFitnessPal, onto my iPod. I love it!

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This free app lets me record my food intake for the day and also tracks my nutrient intake, weight gain/loss, exercise, water intake, and more. It is so easy to enter in what I eat. It stores foods I have eaten at different meals to use later and even lets me enter in my own foods. The database is so huge that I don’t even have to do this often. You can also type in recipes and have it calculate the calories and nutritional information for them, too. I have not used this yet, because that is what bogged me down with using Weight Watchers Online. It became too time-consuming for me to keep up with and I gave up.

My favorite part of the app is that I do not have to be connected to the Internet to use it. I have access to most of the database of foods without being connected. This means I can enter my food diary during the day at work. It also saves my data and then syncs it next time I am home and connect to the wireless network. This is a big advantage over when I used Weight Watchers Online because I could only enter my data when I got home and then it took even more time! (However, Weight Watchers does have apps now, too, and I have friends who highly recommend them. You can also log directly onto the MyFitnessPal website to enter data.)

I have read so much about how simply recording what you eat can help you make better choices. I am already surprised at how many calories things I thought were healthy really have. Wish me luck!

Check out their website at MyFitnessPal. The app is available on several platforms.

Please add any comments about your weight loss journey and cheap products you have found to be helpful (including foods).


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