Have you heard of 211?

I went to a training the other day and was surprised to hear that a coworker had not heard of 211. I realized that there may be other people who are not aware of this GREAT service. 211 is a program of the United Way, the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems (AIRS), and referral agencies in states and local communities.

211 connects people with community services and volunteer opportunities. You can get information on:
– training
– employment
– food pantries
– help for an aging parent
– addiction prevention programs
– affordable housing options
– support groups
– ways to become a part of your community
– and more.

This program can save you time in searching for the right resource to meet your needs and current struggles. It can also help link you to causes that are in need of volunteers right now! To access the service, simply call 211 – just like you would for Information (411) or for an emergency (911).

Both links below will allow you to check if your local community offers this service.



* Please share this post with others who may need help or have time to help others!


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