Financial support and aid during the Coronavirus quarantine

This is an incredibly stressful time for all of us as we try to navigate protecting our families, schooling from home, work from home, and getting resources without exposing ourselves to the pandemic. I thought that I would do a fourth post related to aid that is available for people during this time. Whether you... Continue Reading →

Disasters: What can you do to help?

Last week, several areas of Missouri, including the area of the school where I teach, were hit badly by a tornado. There were many families whose homes were severely damaged and many who were displaced. I can’t imagine the stress and hardship these families are going through. It is during times like these that we... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of 211?

I went to a training the other day and was surprised to hear that a coworker had not heard of 211. I realized that there may be other people who are not aware of this GREAT service. 211 is a program of the United Way, the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems (AIRS), and referral agencies in states... Continue Reading →

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