14 reasons to love Target

Target ranks up there as one of my top three favorite stores (the others being Michaels and Office Depot). If I do a little preparation before going, I can usually save $20 – $40 between all of their discount offerings (coupons, Red Card, text offers, and Cartwheel app). Then add sales, clearance prices, and my price list and the savings are even greater!

It can be dangerous shopping at Target, though, as you always find impulse buys or good deals you had not planned on getting! I love the Facebook video of the woman chanting to herself the three things she is going to get at Target and instead she comes out with a carful of bags! That is definitely a danger, but my savings definitely make it worth it! This is why I don’t go to Target on a weekly basis, too!

Click on my updated post Why I love Target! about all the reasons I love Target and the specifics on the ways you can save more and spend less. This is an updated version of my original post – their Cartwheel program and text offers are new since I wrote the first post.

Why do you love Target? Please share!


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