Who has the best deals on oil changes?

Over the past several years, my most popular post is one comparing standard oil change prices. I get more views each day on that post than any other! So in my continuing efforts to update my older posts with new information, check out my updated post “What does an oil change cost?”

The updated post provides prices and coupon information for Valvoline, Firestone, Jiffy Lube, Dobbs Auto & Tire (a local establishment), and Midas.

Of course, coupon deals are always changing, but I hope my post helps you get the best deal while taking care of your car!

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2 thoughts on “Who has the best deals on oil changes?

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  1. FYI if you use one of those quick oil change chains you need to watch what they do…a friend of mine just happened to look at the technician at the right time and witnessed that he did not refill the oil pan with oil! Luckily she caught him in time before she drove off and destroyed her engine!
    Victoria Siegel

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