Everything you need for Purim!

I can’t believe that Purim is less than three weeks away! As a teacher, the holiday always comes right after getting ready for conferences and report cards. There are very few years that I am not working right up until the day of the holiday to get our costumes and shaloch manos done! However, I would never be able to do any of it without being organized and having resources for ideas.

I have gathered a few resources for you, my readers, to help you start getting ready for the holiday.

Purim prep list

First, I updated my Purim Preparations Checklist. It has everything you need to get started now! Download by clicking below:

Purim Preparations Checklist

For ideas on EVERYTHING PURIM, check out these sites:

If you are looking for SHALOCH MANOS ideas, check out the following posts:

If you are looking for COSTUME ideas, check out the following posts:

Have a wonderful holiday!



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