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Where do you find kosher recipes online?


Have you made your menu for the entire week of Pesach/Passover yet? I seem to be getting a lot of views on my blog from people who are still looking for recipes. Culling through all the websites that come up when you type in “kosher recipes” or “Passover recipes” in a search engine can be overwhelming. So, I thought it might be helpful to provide a roundup of great websites that have specifically kosher recipes. Please let me know of any other good ones you have used, so I can add them here as well!

Kosher on a Budget This blog is my favorite blog! The author’s main focus is on ways to save money, budgeting, great deals, coupons, and more. However, she also provides great posts on holiday planning and recipes.

Joy of Kosher – This is one of my new favorite magazines. We have tried a few recipes already this holiday and really liked them. The website includes videos and numerous recipes, many of which cannot be found in the printed magazine.

CookKosher – This is a relatively new kosher website that has many great search features.

Pomegranates and Honey – This is written by a local St. Louis chef. I have heard great things about her and her cooking.

Organized Jewish Home – This blogger writes about staying on top of your home and family, homeschooling, holidays, and recipes. She has great tips and ideas!

The OU – This is the largest Kashrus organization in the United States. Their website include hundreds of kosher recipes of all types.

Gourmet Kosher Cooking – This site is written by another blogger. Great recipes with a gourmet touch!

Leah Cooks Kosher – This chef shares her expertise and kosher recipes. Kosher Recipes & Cooking – More great recipes from this worldwide education organization.


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Chometz cookbooks for Pesach?

cookbook shelf 1

We love cookbooks and actually have too many. Many of our cookbooks are year-round kosher ones, some of which have Pesach recipes in them. But how do you use a “chometz” cookbook for Pesach?

I undertook a project to solve this problem several years ago. I created a Pesach recipes binder.

1) Gather:
I looked at all of my kosher cookbooks to figure out which had Pesach recipes in them. If they were the spiral-bound, fundraiser-type, I tore out the Pesach recipes. If they were a bound cookbook, I copied the recipes at OfficeMax.

2) Sort:
I then sorted all the recipes by type: Appetizers/Fish, Dairy Meals, Meat Main Dishes, Veggies and Sides, and Desserts. I put dividers with each category into a binder.

3) Prepare, sort, file:
I then taped the recipes onto white printer paper as needed for each category. I then put the white pages and any whole cookbook pages into page protectors. I then sorted and filed them in the binder. I have added other recipes from magazines and websites as well.

It was a lot of work, but well worth it! Now I have access to all those great recipes without having to worry about getting chometz cookbooks out and ruining my clean-for-Pesach house. I now keep this binder with my other “real” Pesach cookbooks and get them out when it is time to menu plan.

* If you want to make one, but don’t have the time, you can start by just gathering recipes from magazines and websites. Happy cooking and organizing!

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