Chometz cookbooks for Pesach?

We love cookbooks and actually have too many. Many of our cookbooks are year-round kosher ones, some of which have Pesach recipes in them. But how do you use a “chometz” cookbook for Pesach?

I undertook a project to solve this problem several years ago. I created a Pesach recipes binder.

1) Gather:
I looked at all of my kosher cookbooks to figure out which had Pesach recipes in them. If they were the spiral-bound, fundraiser-type, I tore out the Pesach recipes. If they were a bound cookbook, I copied the recipes at OfficeMax.

2) Sort:
I then sorted all the recipes by type: Appetizers/Fish, Dairy Meals, Meat Main Dishes, Veggies and Sides, and Desserts. I put dividers with each category into a binder.

3) Prepare, sort, file:
I then taped the recipes onto white printer paper as needed for each category. I then put the white pages and any whole cookbook pages into page protectors. I then sorted and filed them in the binder. I have added other recipes from magazines and websites as well.

It was a lot of work, but well worth it! Now I have access to all those great recipes without having to worry about getting chometz cookbooks out and ruining my clean-for-Pesach house. I now keep this binder with my other “real” Pesach cookbooks and get them out when it is time to menu plan.

* If you want to make one, but don’t have the time, you can start by just gathering recipes from magazines and websites. Happy cooking and organizing!

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