Putting away Pesach

15 Apr

Modern kitchen

I don’t know about you, but we were too tired to turn the kitchen back over last night. Our boys could not get to sleep after all the excitement of Yom Tov and that left little time to get anything done when everyone was asleep.

So if you still have to turn your kitchen over today, here is my checklist for saying goodbye to Pesach. Below is also the link for my complete Pesach Prep Checklist, which includes the items from this post as well as the forms mentioned. Pesach Prep list

Converting the kitchen:

∞ Wash all the Pesach dishes and pots and pans, etc.

∞ Take all the Passover supplies back downstairs. (Put them back in their boxes and bins.) This includes the kids’ seder supplies’ box and kids’ Pesach toys’ box.

∞ Uncover the counters. If you use a reusable covering, be sure to clean it and take this down with your Pesach supplies.

∞ Pack up any unopened leftover non-perishable Pesach food. Be sure to note what is left on your inventory form. Also make notes of any groceries that you didn’t use as much as you purchased.

∞ Move the opened leftover non-perishable Passover food out of the pantry or whatever cabinet you were storing it in (to make room for your regular items). Be sure to wipe the cabinet or pantry out.

The rest of the house:

∞ Catch up on your laundry.

∞ Bring up the non-Pesach stuff to put your kitchen and dining room back together.

Make notes for next year:

∞ Make notes on your menu from this year of what you liked, didn’t like, etc.

∞ I also like to add the names and locations of recipes we liked to our Menu Ideas list so we will remember them for next year.

∞ Make notes on your Pesach Prep Checklist of any things you would like to change for next year.

    • This might mean cleaning or preparations that need to be done sooner or differently.
    • Also make note of any new household items you purchased this year (add this to your inventory) or any items you want to get next year (add this to your wish list).

∞ Reprint your new Pesach Prep Checklist and file in your Pesach prep binder.

∞ Make a plan for the coming week to eat up any Pesach leftovers.

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2 responses to “Putting away Pesach

  1. Amital at OrganizedJewishHome

    April 15, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Thanks for the link! I got everything put away last night in between loads of laundry. And today, we made breadsticks! :)

    I also find it really helpful to note how much of what we used (and how many guests to compare). My shopping list includes how much I bought of each thing (all in an excel book), and then at the end of Passover, I note what is left so I have how much we went through. That way, net year, I won’t buy 10 dozen eggs – I know we only went through 5 dozen. Saves money and precious space. And we can minimize waste that way, too.

    • rmk104

      April 15, 2012 at 5:50 pm

      Great idea. I will add that to my checklist! We always keep track of what we have left so we know what to buy next year, but that is a good idea to think about what you used, too, so you don’t buy too much! I recommended your site to a friend the other day who is homeschooling her frum kids, too. I hope she checks it out. Have a great day!


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