Coupon websites

I spent a lot of time researching how to get more coupons for groceries and other items we buy. Although we do cut coupons from the Sunday paper, the savings just weren’t adding up enough. I found the following websites which I try to check at least once a month (or weekly if I can) for more printable coupons.

– – This site offers printable coupons as well as a snail mailing list where you can get coupons by postal mail. Whole Foods also publishes a newsletter every few months with additional Mambo Sprouts coupons. You can get it in the store or online at

– – At the very bottom of their website you can click on “Coupons” for that week’s printable coupons. You can use these coupons and manufacturer’s coupons at the same time for products.

– – This site provides new coupons each month that also participate in the Box Tops program so you can earn money for your child’s school.

A few of these sites do have repetitive coupons (like Smartsource and Freeflys) but they also have a few additional different coupons as well. – This is the local site for the Town Planner calendar. They have printable coupons for various retailers and services in St. Louis.

* For an updated version of this post with more coupon websites, see “Coupon websites – updated!”


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