Reusable shopping bags = savings

(updated 4/7/17)

Did you know that bringing your own bags to the store is good for the environment AND also for your wallet? Many stores offer a bag discount or bag reward when you bring and use your own reusable bags. The rewards vary from $.05 – $.10 a bag. Some stores offer a raffle for prizes, too.

We love using the reusable bags from Whole Foods. We have tried other cloth bags, but they do not stand up well. These are made of recycled plastic, are large and will stand up on their own. I use them for groceries and to carry many extra things to work!

Stores that reward you for bringing your own bags:

  • Whole Foods
  • Target
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Many chain and local grocery stores – The incentives at these stores often vary by location. Ask at your favorite local grocery.
  • Lowe’s Foods

As soon as we empty the groceries at home, we put the bags in a plastic container in the front hall closet. They are ready for the next shopping trip!

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