Bulk discounts

Okay, I didn’t intend this to be a “Promote Whole Foods” day (especially since I am so sad they bought out Wild Oats), but did you know that Whole Foods offers a bulk discount on items when you purchase a case? There are certain things that we go through a lot of during the year or love and it is easier to have and not worry about running out. Look at the price sign on the shelf and it will tell you how many are in a case. At the register be sure to tell them you are buying a case and they will give you 10% off. If they don’t have enough items to make a case, they will give you the discount if you buy what they have. The following are examples of things we have bought in bulk there:

Whole Foods 365 Gold Round crackers: these are like Ritz crackers but without the hydrogenated oil. My boys love them and we go through a lot of them.

365 Shower gel – Their shower gel is pretty inexpensive. My husband and I like the same kind, so we just buy a case and have it for the year. 

Muir Glen diced tomatoes – We make a lot of recipes with diced tomatoes, and tomatoes are high in chemicals if you don’t buy organic. So we buy a case and always have them on hand for recipes.

Recycled plastic shopping bags – We bought a bunch for ourselves and later went back and bought more to give as gifts. The smaller ones make great gift bags!

Let me know what you find, too!


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