Preparing for gift-giving = savings

It seems like whenever I look at the calendar there is another party or event coming up that I need a gift for. I try to do a few things to be prepared and to spend less money on gifts. Here are a few ideas to try:

Gift drawer: I keep a gift drawer to store gifts for a later time. I stock up on gifts whenever I see something that might make a good gift later. Ideas include: interesting items from my son’s school’s fundraising catalogs, notecard sets, craft sets, picture frames, decorative journals, etc. Whenever I see something at a good price that might make a good gift, I snatch it up. I also have a few standbys that I love to give as gifts: cookbook holders for wedding showers and Creative Memories picfolio albums for a variety of occasions.

Reusing gift wrap: Whenever anyone in our family gets a gift, I save the tissue paper, gift bags, boxes, and bows to reuse for later.  I keep another drawer stocked with these things. I also stock up on white tissue paper to keep for any gift. Around the holidays Sam’s club carries a huge pack. I think I have had mine for a few years and still have some left. The dollar store is also a good place to get white tissue paper. Other cheap ideas for wrapping include: any reusable container like a basket or plastic container that the person can use to store something in later, a cloth diaper or blanket (for a baby gift), or the comics from the Sunday paper. 

Cloth gift bags: I love to buy cloth gift bags with drawstrings to give gifts in. Then the recipient can reuse the bag for a later gift. There are many companies making these including:  If I knew how to sew, I would love to make my own, but I am not up to that yet! 

Gift list: Since I give certain gifts often, I keep a list on the computer of who I gave what so I don’t accidentally repeat. This also helps me keep track of holiday gifts, too.


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    1. You are so nice! I wish it were true! I think my organization and detail helps me survive this busyness and not be a total wreck. However, I am always wishing for more energy and more time in the day!

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