Making your own challah

(Updated 3/5/17; Pictured above – my husband and my oldest son, then 3, making challah.)

Making challah can be a very fulfilling mitzvah and is one of the major mitzvot for women. I admit, though, that during the last several years with me working full-time, I barely get to make challah at all. However, every time I do, I am so glad I did. My whole family loves homemade challah so much more than store-bought. It also saves us a lot of money. I once calculated the savings and it was $3 – $4 savings per challah versus buying store-bought challah!


My husband has taken over making the challah and our favorite source for challah recipes is our “Spice & Spirit” cookbook. There are many recipes out there for making your own challah, though.

For other kosher recipes for challah, see my posts:


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  1. Home made Challah is a terrific addition to our Shabbos. I know you want to increase readership of you blog, sweetheart, but showing a picture of me with my shirt off is probably NOT your most effective method.

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