Staying on top of your kids’ clothing

Keeping track and purchasing kids’ clothing can be an ordeal for any parent. And when you have more than one to buy for, you may not be able to spend a lot on their clothes. However, we all still want quality and want to have our kids look nice. I have picked up a few tips that help a lot:

Always think ahead. When I shop, I am always looking for not just the current size my kids are wearing, but the next. I check the clearance racks at my favorite kids’ stores (Target, Gymboree, Children’s Place) and love to find a good bargain for later.

Know when to spend more. There are certain items that don’t go on clearance very often. I may be wrong about this, but I have found that you often have to spend more on dressy clothes, underwear, and shoes. Adjustable pants and pajamas are also hard to come by on the clearance rack. For my boys’ winter coats, I bought them on sale at JCPenney’s website and bought them a bit big so they could wear them longer.

Don’t turn down hand-me-downs. I am always so grateful when friends give me clothes their kids do not need anymore. This has helped us tremendously. I also try to pass on things when we are done with them so I can pay it forward.

Keep your stock organized. I have my kids’ clothes organized in two ways:

1) In their closets I have clothes that are upcoming for the current or next season and clothes that they have recently grown out of. In my older son’s closet, I use a hanging sweater organizer to keep these. The top three compartments are for clothes that he will be able to use soon (the next season). The bottom three compartments are for clothes that he has grown out of, but that have not been put away yet. I like having this available so I am not constantly running to the basement to put away things as he grows out of them. In the little boys’ room I have a bit more space so I can use plastic tubs and boxes. The upcoming clothes are in plastic tubs on the left of the closet and the outgrown clothes go in marked OfficeMax file boxes on the right side. When they grow out of things I can just put them in the correct box. When the boxes get filled, they go into the garage to be given away to someone else who might need them.

2) In the basement I keep all the plastic tubs of clothing that the kids need for later. I also have separate boxes for shoes. I put each pair of shoes in a freezer bag with the size marked on the outside of the bag. This makes finding a pair of shoes in the right size much easier. When the kids are ready for a new size of clothing, I just go shopping in my own basement and bring up the right tub!

Make sure you know what you have. When the kids are almost ready for a new size, I bring up the tubs for that size. I take inventory of what I have, so that I know what I need to buy soon. I keep this list in my purse for shopping over the next few weeks or months.

By staying organized I am able to take advantage of deals when I see them and then be able to access the clothes when I need them.

For more ideas on organization and clever tips, see my posts:


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