Make your checkbook digital!

One of the basics to saving money is knowing how you already spend it. This means having a system to record your income and expenses.

When I was in college I used the accounting pads with the green columns to record my receipts and tabulate how much I spent in each area. It was very tedious and time-consuming. When I met my husband I was still using this system. He used Quicken, a computer software program. I was very resistant at first and was convinced it couldn’t keep track of everything the way I wanted. Luckily he is not the type to say “I told you so.”

I now use Quicken and do not keep a paper checkbook anymore. I love it!

We can do so much, including:
– keep track of all of our expenses
– determine where we are spending too much
– pay bills
– print tax reports
– manage my home business
– save time
– keep our financial information organized
– and more.

I can also pay my bills via Quicken and the internet, which saves me on postage! Right now Amazon, and Sam’s Club have Quicken Deluxe for about the same price.

If you do not want to use a computer program, check out which offers an online money management program.


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