Happy birthday to you, and you, and you

It seems like every time I turn around, my son has a birthday party to go to. It can be hard running out to buy a gift so often. It can also be expensive if your child has a big class. I have been wanting for a while to find a great gift that I could buy in bulk and have on hand for parties. Unfortunately, everything I have found that you can buy in bulk tends to be party favors and other cheap toys.

So instead, keep a stocked gift drawer of various items you find throughout the year (as I mentioned in a previous post). My suggestions, good for boys and girls, are:

– art supplies or kits (I have seen some great ones in the past by Family Fun and Ross Art)
– activity or sticker books (Sam’s Club is a great place to find these)
– small Lego sets
– Playdoh tools
– outdoor toys: bubbles, Frisbees, game sets, balls, rocket launchers
– leveled books (I can read, etc.)
– card games
– cookie cutters or cooking kit
– books with CD (these you can get in a multi-pack from the Scholastic Book Club orders)

My favorite places to stock up on kids’ gifts are:

Scholastic Book orders (they have great educational games/kits and books with CD)
– local bookstores
– Target clearance and school/office supplies aisle
– Sam’s Club or Costco
– Wal-Mart craft section

Another way to amp up a cheaper gift is to package it in a container that can be used again: a plastic shoebox, a pencil-case, a canvas box, a plastic pail, etc. Use your imagination!

If you do decide to buy the same type of gift for each child in the class for that year, be sure to write down what you purchase. This way you won’t repeat the next year!


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to you, and you, and you

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  1. Great idea, I have a colleague who started doing this recently at Poundland (everything is £1- I live in the UK). So handy to have them on hand too, no last minute splurges. There must be some good deals online too?

    1. Thanks! It is always nice to hear that people are reading and like my posts! I have not been able to find any good deals for bulk items yet. I will let you know if I do.

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