Cash back for protecting Mother Earth

(updated 4/16/17)

The government has been trying to promote energy efficiency by sponsoring federal and state tax credit and rebate programs. These programs provide an incentive for you to get rid of your used appliances or to make energy efficient improvements to your home. If you already are looking for a new appliance or making upgrades to your home, you benefit two-fold. You get a product that will perform better and more efficiently and get some money back! There are currently two programs going on:

Tax credits for energy efficiency improvements to your home:

Cash for Appliances:
This is the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program which gives cash back for replacing your used appliances. Not all states have current rebate programs running. You can often find out about rebates right in the store, but if you are planning on buying an appliance, it is good to research ahead of time to see what is available.

  • Energy Star program – These are often mail-in rebates.
  • Sears can help with these rebates as well. With their Instant Utility program, you can authorize Sears to apply and redeem your eligible rebate and they deduct the rebate off of your balance due at the time of purchase.
  • Your local utility company. For St. Louis visit, Ameren Missouri’s Energy Efficiency Programs.

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