Make your own Internet keychain

The Internet/World Wide Web has gotten infinitely large and it can be hard to keep up with all of your passcodes and logins for each site you buy from or frequent. To get the coupon codes and discount emails, you often need to sign up to receive their emails or register on their website. How do you keep track of all that information then?

I started out with a spiral divided by categories. But it became hard to remember where I put what and there was no order to my categories. Then last year the solution hit me. I needed an Internet address book. Now I have a small address book that I keep by the computer that I use just for websites, my login names, and passcodes. I alphabetize them by the website name. This has worked out great and helps save time when I am making online purchases or checking out certain sites.

This method is also helpful for my husband to find that information. However, you might not want your children to get this handy-dandy resource!

Another way I save this information is in my email folders. I have one folder where I store my confirmation emails that contain passcode information. I hope no one hacks into my email, though!


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