Many of you may already be familiar with Aish HaTorah’s website. They are an international Jewish educational organization that is amazing.  Both my husband and I had the opportunity to study at their programs in Israel. Their website is full of wonderful features, articles, and videos. The thing I like best about Aish is that their classes and resources are accessible to Jews of all backgrounds and types of observance. Here is a selection of great free resources I have found on their website:

Shabbat song audios and text:
What a great way to learn songs from Shabbat (without worrying if they are the right tune and spending money on various CDs)!

Children’s coloring pages for the Parsha

Free sample audio downloads of classes:
This section also includes information on joining their audio download program.

Family Parsha stories:
These great stories relate to the Parsha of the week and Torah values. They have great meaningful discussion questions tailored to different children’s age levels.

Free newsletters:
You can also sign up for free daily and weekly newsletters on a variety of topics including: spirituality, Torah portion, family, Kabbalah, Israel update, holidays and much more! They even have a newsletter that highlights new postings to their site. Check it out!


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