Not just a drop in the bucket!

(updated 4/23/17)

Our water bill is not the largest of our bills, but I still am always trying to find ways to reduce our water usage. It not only benefits our budget, but helps the environment. There are several easy things you can do to use less water:

∞ Install a new showerhead – Years ago we got an evolve Roadrunner Showerhead at our local Earth Day festival. This showerhead not only is low flow (1.5 gallons per minute), but it has a neat ShowerStart device. You turn on the shower and once it gets hot, it shuts down to a trickle. This way if you are doing other things while the water is warming up, you are not wasting water. When you hear the shower flow change, you can get in. Then you pull the lever and it goes back to full force. We love it!

∞ Time your showers. You can set a timer on your phone before you get in!

∞ Fix that leaky toilet. A leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons of water a day!

∞ Eat vegetarian more often. It takes more than 2500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef!

∞ Water your garden and other plants around the home during the time of day when there will be the least amount of evaporation, such as early in the morning or late in the evening.

∞ Be sure your dishwasher and washing machine are full when running a load.

Don’t leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth, washing dishes or shaving.

∞ Look for low-flow toilets when purchasing a new toilet.

For more tips on water conservation:

  • Water: Use it Wisely
  • 100 Ways to Conserve Water
  • H2Ouse – This website allows you to investigate water savings around specific areas of your home.
  • WaterSense – This is a program of the EPA to increase water efficiency. They also sponsor the WaterSense labeling program, which promotes water efficient products and services. The website also includes information on tips for water efficiency in your home, rebates for installing WaterSense labeled products, a tool to calculate your water savings, and information for kids.
  • EPA Water topics – The EPA offers tips for what you can do to protect human health and the environment with respect to potential threats to water supply.

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