Earth Day, Every Day – Recycle

My very first published article (that I also got paid for) was about recycling. I was so excited to research this topic and found numerous impressive statistics of how recycling saved energy and resources! That was in high school when recycling was fairly new. Now recycling is much more common practice for many people. It is definitely a practice that I am very passionate about.

In fact, I bring home recycling from work every day. My assistants and students know that I keep a bag in the closet to take home anything that needs to be recycled. We also reuse many recyclable items in the classroom and for centers and art projects! What I cannot recycle or reuse goes to a local teacher center that offers these materials to other teachers and related professionals.

So, in my last post in this year’s series related to Earth Day, I have updated my posts on Recycling.

Recycle at your home by:

Each post provides information and links to make recycling easier and accessible!

If you have any “green” tips you would like to share, please comment!

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