Is your CO detector really accurate?

A few years ago on the last day of a Yom Tov (Jewish holy day) our carbon monoxide detector went off. We opened all the windows until the detector stopped beeping. We then had to wait until after Yom Tov to call the fire department. The firefighters who came out could not figure out what had set it off except, that we had our blech (hot plate on the stove) and oven on at the same time. He said the fumes get trapped underneath, which may have then converted to carbon monoxide. However, the levels that would have resulted should not have been enough to set off our detector, he said.

Then he looked at our carbon monoxide detector. We had the kind that you attach to your wall and change the batteries every so often. It was even a fire alarm, too. His reaction was, “That is the problem there!” He explained that carbon monoxide detectors operated by batteries do not accurately detect carbon monoxide levels. The carbon monoxide can build up inside the alarm and then give you a false reading – actually showing a large amount that is inside, rather than what your home currently has.

He recommended that we get the kind that plugs into an outlet. You still should place it on a main level of your home near the bedrooms, but now it needs an outlet. He explained that the best kind were the ones that you can get from your gas company. I know he had nothing to benefit from directing us there since he was a local employee, not one for Laclede Gas!

You may be able to get yours cheaper somewhere else. At the time, I did not shop around. I got it for close to $60, which is the current price. Laclede Gas will even charge it to your regular monthly bill in installments!

We have been very happy with this device and have had no false alarms since. The unit saves us on batteries and time checking that it is working. Not really a money-savings, but it does give us piece of mind that our family is safe and that we have a reliable product.

* Click here for more information and how to purchase this Carbon Monoxide Alarm and to read FAQs on Carbon Monoxide.

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Do have a favorite product that has saved you time or money or has proved itself worth the money? Please share in the Comments section!


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