Recycle, recycle, recycle

(updated 4/12/20)

When I was in junior high, recycling was still a relatively new concept and I remember that getting my parents to agree to separate the trash was a big deal. We had to take it somewhere to be recycled, since there was no curbside pickup. Now recycling is so much easier with curbside recycling and many drop-off sites. However, being a hard-core recycler, I try to throw away very little and recycle or reuse everything I can.

Even if you are not new to recycling, I have put together a few resources to help you recycle a little or a lot!

1) With your regular trash: Find out what your town can recycle. Depending on where you live you may have curbside pickup or a drop-off site. Either check the website for your city, visit or call 800-CLEANUP. If your city does not recycle paper products, check your local school. Many schools have drop-off bins that earn them money for recycling! If you would like to get one at your school, visit Paper Retriever.

2) Special events or drop-off sites: Find out what your county recycles. Many counties have special programs for additional recycling that your city may not. For instance, they may offer hazardous waste recycling (i.e. household chemicals and paint), electronics recycling, or phone book recycling.

3) My favorites: Here are a few of my favorite recycling resources for other items that are not typically recycled by your city or county.

Athletic shoes: Donate your old tennis shoes to Nike Reuse-a-Shoe and they will make them into various athletic surfaces. You can drop them off at a Nike store or send them to one of their centers. Scroll down the linked page to find a location.

Technotrash: Green Disk recycles a variety of technotrash items. They even will clear all of your data and ensure that your information will not be stolen. The cost is minimal and they have a variety of options depending on how much you need to send and if you are a business seeking help recycling. You can also check your local recycling listings to see if you have a nearby company that also recycles technotrash.

4) More resources for recycling everything else:

5) For recycling newbies, here are some helpful Real Simple articles for getting started:


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