Free consumer resources from Uncle Sam

In doing some research at work today, I was reminded that there are many free resources from our national government. Remember those commercials on TV years ago about ordering free publications from Pueblo, Colorado? Well, now they are online. The Federal Trade Commission has a variety of consumer information resources on the following topics (you can print them from online or some can be ordered in paper copies):

– automobiles
– computers and the Internet
– credit and loans
– education, scholarships and job placement
– energy and the environment
– health
– ID theft, privacy and security
– investment and business opportunities
– shopping for products and services
– telemarketing and telephone services

If you work in a school or other business that might benefit from any of their publications, you can also order bulk copies by looking here.

The federal government also hosts a “Money Matters” website with information on scams, credit cards, managing your money, dealing with debit, your home, and jobs.

What did we ever do before the Internet?


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